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Tetra ReptoCal 100ml

  • Brand: Tetra
  • Product Code: Tetra ReptoCal 100ml Калции за влeчуги
  • Availability: In Stock
11.00 лв.

Tetra Terrafauna's Reptocal is a scientifically-formulated calcium supplement for skeletal growth and the prevention of osteoporosis that is safe for daily use. Many commonly used insect foods are low in calcium. Reptocal helps prevent common herptile maladies such as bone deformities, soft shells, osteoporosis, eye disorders, rickets, stunted growth or even death that result from insufficient calcium intake. Like lack of calcium, oversupplementing can also cause problems. Unlike pure calcium carbonate supplements on the market, Reptocal is a balanced blend of calcium and phosphorus (5:1 ratio) and other vitamins, which is safer to use on a regular basis.

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