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HW 304B - External filter

  • Brand: Aquazoolux
  • Product Code: HW-304B
  • Availability: In Stock
289.00 лв. 279.00 лв.
External filter HW-304B with integrated UV Lamp (9W).

- Suitable for both marine and freshwater aquaria from 400 to 700 liters.

- Powerful, efficient and quiet at the same time.

- Easy to install and maintain.

- Built-in UV-lamp (9W) prevents the appearance of green algae, bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms. The lamp turns on and off.

- Three baskets for various substrates - mechanical, biological and chemical.

- Ceramic rollers for longer service life of the rotor.

- To filter includes all pipes, hoses, adapters, nozzles and filler for mechanical filtration. To use are needed to 3 liters organic filler.

- Size - 29 cm x 29 cm x 49 cm.

- Power - 55 W

- Capacity - 2000 l / h

- Number of filter containers - 3.

- Diameter of the inner vessel - 22 cm.
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