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CROCI Dog Absorbent Super Nappy

  • Brand: Croci
  • Product Code: Памперси за кучета C60I0010
  • Availability: In Stock
11.50 лв.


Super nappy is an absorbent pad for puppies and growing dogs that can be used as a toilet. It is placed with the filter-side up to the bottom, while the water-tight side, which prevents the leakage of the liquid is placed directly on the ground. In the interior of the quilted pad super nappy you are special polymers that are able to convert the absorbed liquid in a viscous gel. By transforming into a thick liquid gel prevents the liquid from leaking when the animal steps on the surface. Super nappy can be used to replace the traditional newspaper pages with which the puppy was raised. Likewise, super nappy be used for growing dogs out when it should not be possible to go outside with them. In addition, the pad is ideal to protect places such as a chair, sofa, carpets, baskets or sleeping place. Measures 60 cm length by 90 cm width.

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