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TETRA Cichlid Granules 500ml

  • Brand: Tetra
  • Product Code: TETRA Cichlid Granules 500ml
  • Availability: In Stock
24.70 лв.

More and more often, the market demands new products from us. Cichlids are growing in popularity: With the introduction of the new product TetraCichlid Granules for all species of cichlids, Tetra aims to meet the specific needs of this variety of tropical fish. Cichlids are distinguished by a high degree of species diversity and size. They live in both soft and hard water; among them there are herbivores and carnivores. Aquarium owners dealing with these exciting fish pay special attention to the quality of food. TetraCichlid Granules are the perfect addition to our existing range of cichlid scales and sticks. Food mixture of two types of pellets for small cichlids, especially for dwarf cichlids. The size and shape of the small pellets contribute to optimal nutrition. The food is enriched with natural carotenoids, which make the color of the fish bright and colorful.

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