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Imac Ronny 80 - Cage for rodents

  • Brand: Imac
  • Product Code: Imac Ronny 80 - Клетка за гризачи
  • Availability: In Stock
109.00 лв.

Ronny 80 rabbit and guinea pig cage with large plastic bottom and wire mesh structure. There are two large doors at the front and top for easy access to the interior of the cage, for placing food and for normal maintenance operations. A plastic shelf attached to the bottom with a ladder allows your rodent to have more space to play and rest. The internal equipment is complemented by accessoriesq such as the Fun Bowl plastic bowl, the Feel external hay feeder and the Bibber 400 drinker with practical connection to the mains.. The Ronny 80 is an easy-to-assemble cage made with the space-saving system to save you transport and storage costs .



dimensions 80/ 48.5 / 42 cm


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