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Carbonate Forming Agent - Dupla Marin Power KH+ 500gr. 81376

  • Brand: Hobby
  • Product Code: Dupla 81376
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32.80 лв.



Dupla Marin KH+ reliably reises the carbonate 

water hardness and buffers the pH value in sea

aquaria. Carbonates are constantly consumed

by lime-consuming species such as hard corals,

moluscs, hard-tube worms, various calcareous algae

as well as by biogene decalcification. Avoid large

pH value  fluctuations and and unsifficient supply

to lime-building organisms by regular dosage.

Dupla Marin KH+ is readily soluble and does not 

cloud the water. 


 The carbonate hardness in sea water aquaria

should be between 7 and 9 CH, the optimum lime 

content is between 380 and 400 mg/l, the optimum

magnesium content at 1350 mg/l. These values

must be regularly monitored in your aquarium.

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