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Royal Canin kitten british shorthair - 2 kg.

  • Brand: Royal Canin
  • Product Code: Royal Canin kitten british shorthair - 2 kg.
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35.00 лв.

Continuation of Product Description:
It also has a balanced mix of minerals and vitamins and is enriched with L-carnitine which supports your kitten's development.

The kibble has been specially designed to make it easier for your British Shorthair kitten to get hold of and it also encourages intensive chewing.

The start of the second growth period is characterised by the appearance of permanent teeth:

  • Good dental hygiene is important so that your kitten's permanent teeth stay healthy
  • As your kitten develops it is able to digest nutrients such as starch more easily
  • Growth and development slow down. Your kitten's bones are stronger and its muscles more developed. It still has a high energy demand, but this will decrease as your cat gets older

Royal Canin Kitten British Shorthair

  • Bone and muscle development: This is supported by the appropriate protein content, a balanced amount of minerals and vitamins, as well as L-carnitine which encourages lean muscles.
  • Optimal digestive health: A mix of carefully selected nutrients such as easy to digest proteins, fructo oligosaccharides and beet pulp, help to keep your cat's digestive system healthy and working well.
  • Healthy immune system: An antioxidant complex with vitamin E & C, taurine and lutein as well as manan oligosaccharides support your kitten's natural defences
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