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Porous ceramic bio 75l

  • Brand: Hagen
  • Product Code: Пореста био керамика 75l
  • Availability: In Stock
270.00 лв.

Natural product, suitable for internal and external filters, developed a new technology. Enhances the level of yonnoobmennte reactions which in turn absorb waste, nitrites, bacteria and other materials.

Bio-Ceramics contains a number of useful trace elements (Al, Fe, Na, Ca, Mg) and ions that fully meet the needs of aquarium fish from minerals. Enriching the water molecules with the ions, thereby to accelerate the metabolism of the cells and create a healthy and normal living conditions of aquarium life.
Siporax not only absorbs the waste, it may modify the percentage of minerals in the water, but also enables the level of the pH is maintained in a neutral position.

Bio-Ceramics has a porous structure and large surface area, which make it an ideal environment for growing beneficial for your aquarium bacteria involved in the degradation of toxic salts of nitrogen, ammonia, ammonium and nitrite. Thanks to the strong activity of these microorganisms toxic compounds are rapidly converted to free nitrogen, which is easily removed from the water by natural diffusion. All this helps to maintain the good quality of ribikite and invertebrates in the aquarium, increases their activity and improve their appearance.

Packing: 25 kg.

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