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Hobby Underwater Adhesive 80ml - Underwater glue for aquariums and terrariums

  • Brand: Hobby
  • Product Code: Hobby 11967
  • Availability: In Stock
36.90 лв.

Underwater glue for aquariums and terrariums.

Most products require clean and dry bonding surfaces, but not the UNDERWATER adhesive from the German company Hobby. With its help you can glue on wet surfaces, or even under water.
The underwater glue does not contain solvents, isocyanites or silicones, which means that it will not harm fish or corals if you decide to use it underwater. It is suitable for repairing a working aquarium, in a lake, in a pool, in a boat, for fishing rods, for gluing decorative underwater elements, etc.

Use it if a crack appears in the glass, or if the silicone in the aquarium starts to leak from somewhere.

The high resistance of the adhesive and the extremely strong gluing allow its use for industrial purposes as well - when the high humidity of the medium imposes special requirements regarding the adhesive product.

The glue is applied using an ordinary silicone gun.

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