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Eheim Compact Plus 5000 1102220

  • Brand: Eheim
  • Product Code: Eheim Compact Plus 5000 1102220
  • Availability: In Stock
302.80 лв.
Eheim Compact Plus: As the name suggests - a small, powerful and uniersalna pump. Available in three models 2000, 3000 and 5000 liters. All three models can regulate capacity. Inlet side protects the pump and aquarium inhabitants of problems and failures.

Eheim Compact pumps are fully submersible and easy to hide. The pump can easily be fixed to one of the walls of the tank by means of a vacuum rubbers.
It can be used as dips, and outside the water.

Capacity: 2500-5000 liters per hour (adjustable)
Power consumption: 86W

Maximum height: 3 m

Warranty - 24 months
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