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Tetra Discus 250ml

  • Brand: Tetra
  • Product Code: Tetra Discus 250ml
  • Availability: In Stock
14.30 лв.

Tetra Discus (previously Tetra Prima) is designed for a variety of tropical fish such as barbs, cichlids, angelfish, and discus that prefer to feed from food in the water column, rather than from the surface.

Made with the specific dietary requirements of Discus in mind, this food is ideal to enhance the colours of these beautiful fish whilst supporting a healthy diet. Added vitamins and minerals will support a healthy and strong immune system, and provide all of the necessary nutrients your fish need.

Tetra Discus sinks slowly through the water, which means that fish at different levels can feed easily. Because it sinks to the bottom of the tank, bottom feeders such as cat fish and loaches can also feed without too much competition.

Feeding Instructions:

Feed 2-3 times a day. Feed only as much as the fish can consume in a few minutes.

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