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External Mole 8000 pond filter.

  • Brand: Croci
  • Product Code: Biopond 8000 Външен филтър за езера А6076054
  • Availability: In Stock
386.90 лв.



External pressurized biological filter ideal for maintaining your pond water in perfect condition. Maintaining crystal clear water without impurities thanks to effective double filtration system. It is a product of the Italian brand Wave, specialist products for aquariums.

Mole 8000 Gets a complete and efficient thanks to its 3-stage filtration water filtration:

  • Biological filter, large filtering surface, allows the settlement, maintenance and reproduction of a large colony of beneficial bacteria that perform biological filtration. The 60 included Bioballs increase the area used for bacteria that carry out the filtration of water.

  • Mechanical filter removes large particles and improves the performance of the biological filter.
  • Sterilizer UVC, removes germs, parasites, and unicellular algae. Germicidal lamp is built with Crystal quartz and transparent high quality material that allows the optimal step of ultraviolet rays.

All the parts are made from durable plastic. The Safety Board ensures perfect and tight sealing. This filter is designed for outdoor use, can be buried partially in order to not break the harmony of the garden. It is perfect for use in pond with waterfall. It is a very safe and easy to use filter.

Recommendations: The filter must be cleaned regularly to remove impurities from larger that are accumulated and that can block the flow of water. The bioballs should be rinsed with clean, not hot, water without using bleach or other disinfectants to prevent damage to the bacteria filter.

Technical data filter:

  • Power: 9 W.
  • Flow: 8000 l/h.
  • Dimensions: 46 cm long x 34.3 cm wide x 45 cm high.


  • Filter 8000 Mole.
  • Esterilizador-clarificador of water.
  • 60 Bioballs.
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