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Vision 260

  • Brand: Juwel
  • Product Code: Vision 260
  • Availability: In Stock
1,188.20 лв.
Aquarium Vision 260
Obem - 260 l
Color - black, beech and dark wood
Dimensions: 121 x 46 x 6 cm.
Included equipment:
Cover with lamps and reflectors
Filter Bio Power!
Heater 300 Tues
Warranty - 2 years

High-Lite Light Unit 120 cm, 2 x 54 W


Heating system, which is included in the aquarium VISION - JUWEL automatic heater 300 W, enough to heat an aquarium up to 400 liters if the room temperature is below 18 degrees C. If the tank is in a very cold room, it is better to add a second heater. The heater is equipped with an automatic thermostat that regulates the temperature.

Bio Power!

Filter that will get along with a 4-liter aquarium filter Bio Power! This is the largest internal biological filter in this class. Fully equipped with filtering materials included a pump with a capacity of 1000 liters per hour, two mushrooms PoliPad - collecting particulates sponge with activated carbon for chemical cleaning of water, green sponge against Aldji, filter wool for collecting waste particles coarse and fine filter material which housed beneficial pond bacteria, cleaning water from biological contaminants.


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