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Exo Terra Flexarium/ Flextray/screen Terrarium - PT 2554

  • Brand: Exo Terra
  • Product Code: Exo Terra Flexarium/ Flextray/ screen Terrarium - PT 2554
  • Availability: In Stock
114.75 лв.



The Exo Terra Flexarium's

open-air concept provides optimal ventilation

very important for a number of reptile species (e.g. Chameleons).

The nylon mesh allows ultraviolet rays from fluorescent

UVB lights or the sun to penetrate deep inside the enclosure.

Due to the strong nylon mesh and durable construction,

the Flexarium can also be used as a permanent outdoor

enclosure in warmer climates or as a temporary enclosure

during sunny and warmer days in colder climates.
The Exo Terra Flextray (sold separately) can be used to hold

substrate and/or contain liquids inside the enclosure.For indoor and outdoor use

Durable, light-weight construction

Extra-strong nylon mesh

Optimal ventilation

Escape proof

The multi-functional design of the Exo Terra Flexarium allows you to position it 2 ways:

horizontally and vertically. (can also be positioned flat).


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