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Exo Terra screen Terrarium - 60x 45x 60х cm - PT 2646

  • Brand: Exo Terra
  • Product Code: Exo Terra screen Terrarium - PT 2646
  • Availability: In Stock
274.05 лв.

The Exo Terra Screen Terrarium is an ideal habitat for many reptiles and amphibians. The bottom is completely waterproof and can hold up to 8 cm (3") of water or moist substrate. The screen design allows for maximum air circulation, ensuring that the terrarium is well ventilated. The continuous air circulation also helps to minimize odors and fungus.
To raise air humidity in the terrarium: regular misting, moistened substrate, or an Exo Terra Waterfall with Fogger can be used. To maintain a higher level of humidity in the terrarium, live plants (or Exo Terra Jungle Plants) can be added. The addition of an Exo Terra Background will help control the misting water and retain it inside the habitat.

Easy to install

Extremely well ventilated

Sliding front access door

Sturdy, lightweight construction

Ideal for Chameleons and many arboreal species

UV light permeable

For indoor and outdoor use

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