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Rekord 800

  • Brand: Juwel
  • Product Code: Rekord 800
  • Availability: In Stock
367.00 лв.
Aquarium Rekord 800
Obem - 110 l
Color - black
Dimensions: 81 x 36 x 45 cm
Included equipment:
Cover with lamps and reflectors
Filter Bioflow 400
Heater 100 Tues
Warranty - 2 years
Instructions for use

Cover with lamp Duolux 80 is a standard part of the set of super successful aquariums RECORD 110.

The lid of the tank Duolux 80 RECORD 800 is suitable for aquariums with a size 80 to 35 inches and may be purchased separately.

Like all lighting systems JUWEL, and the system Duolux 80 is hydrophobic. Uses two lamps of 18 watts and an integrated reflector. This lighting is sufficient to maintain aquarium plants even in higher tanks.

Filter JUWELCompact Super

The main function of the filter is to reduce the pollution caused by fish and food residues. This contamination is reduced by filtering bacteria that settle in the filter - ie biological filtration. Ie before running the fish in the tank, leave it full of water a few days, put tablets bacterial activator in the filter, and drop a little every day food in the tank, because the bacteria need food to reproduce. Larger particles contaminants remain in the filter wool, which should be frequently changed.


Heater with automatic thermostat JUWEL 100W is designed to perfectly fit into filters JUWEL, which ensures the maintenance of an even temperature in the aquarium. This heater is suitable for heating aquariums up to 150 liters if the room temperature does not drop below 18 degrees. If the tank is large or is located in a cold room, it is better to use a more powerful heater.



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