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Resun DM-800

  • Brand: Resun
  • Product Code: Resun DM-800
  • Availability: In Stock
364.00 лв.
Equipped aquarium measuring 80.0 x 40.0 x 54.5 cm and 120 liter. Lighting - 2 lamp power 25W. SP-980 pump, and a bottom filter.

Aquarium Resun DM-800

* Modern design with curved windshield.
* Independent TOP-filter with integrated saturation of water with oxygen (aeration). The filter is fully equipped with everything needed to make a good mechanical and biological filtration.
* Safe, high quality submersible pump for silent and high-quality filtration.
* Unique bottom filtration system (undergravel filter).
* There is a place for the heater and automatic feeder (not included in the kit!) Suitable for aquarium Rio 125, 180, Vision 180, Trigon 190 and Lido 120
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